Approaching Holy Week

Approaching Holy Week

I’m not the first one to say this but this time of the year is just a busy season in life and the church calendar. Not only that, but as we come to the tail end of Lent, I recognize that there is also a bit of a “Lenten fatigue.” So let me provide a bit of pastoral encouragement by giving you a prayer that I found a few years ago that has helped me prepare for the important week ahead.

I pray this prayer blesses you and encourages yoursoul as you walk through this time.

And now, O God of perfect timing, enter into each of our hearts and
find the city-center in us ready to receive and surrender to your love
in its embodied form and in its eternal formlessness.

We have been preparing for the entrance of your Word through this
Lenten journey and now we feel your timeless approach nearing.

What are you calling us to do? What more can we surrender of our
self? How can we live with this exquisite wound of love that
suffering teaches?

This city-center is the ongoing temple of our heart, mind, and soul,
today arranged and set apart to celebrate your arrival.

Your way shows us that soon your arrival will require surrender, and
in this surrender there will be great suffering. Yet, so too your truth
shows us that in this suffering there will be something gained on
behalf of others, and through this gain of love a power untold will
pierce through the field of appearances and birth a new life through
all that is dead and dying in us.

And so it is that your life is felt more fully in our welcoming all
things, but especially the body and blood of the Eucharist as the
ongoing teacher and embrace of your joyful presence.


By Peter Traben Haas from Centering Prayers: A One-Year Companion for Going Deeper into the Love of God