COVID Policy Update – July 29, 2021

COVID Policy Update – July 29, 2021

From the very beginning of the pandemic Restoration has followed the guidance of the CDC to protect our congregation and community. We have enjoyed a season of relaxed guidelines for our worship services while the infection rates in our area were low but the rapid spread of the Delta variant has caused the CDC to release new guidance, including for those who have been fully vaccinated. The CDC recommends that everyone wear a mask indoors in public if you live in an area of high transmission, which includes Dallas County.

This Sunday, August 1, we strongly recommend that all worshippers, vaccinated or not, wear a mask to our worship service. We will continue to space our rows of chairs generously and offer seating in the wings that can be reconfigured to provide additional distance.

We will continue to process forward to receive Eucharist but will allow for more space between worshippers. Once you have received the bread dipped in wine from the priest we ask that you step to the side before you briefly remove your mask to consume the elements. If you would prefer to remain in your seat for communion we will have prepackaged elements available when you arrive for worship. 

The Children’s Ministry will continue to provide a lesson during the service. We ask that all assisting adults and children over 2 years of age wear a mask. Everyone will sanitize their hands as they enter and sit on an appropriately distanced “spot” during the lesson. 

As always, if you have COVID symptoms or have been caring for someone with COVID please remain at home. We will continue to stream our service on Facebook for anyone who needs to stay home for worship. 

We are disappointed that we need to return to these safety precautions at this time. And yet we cannot love and worship God without also loving and honoring our neighbors. We will continue to rebuild the shared life of the Restoration community as we enter the fall and pray for God’s grace for this season.

And we invite you to join us in prayer for this challenging season. Pray for:

  • All who are sick
  • All who are grieving
  • All who are weary or discouraged
  • All who are lonely or afraid
  • Healthcare workers
  • Students and educators
  • State and local policy makers
  • The whole Church, gathered and scattered